I’m Ashley Szukalski, an Interaction and Visual Communications Designer based in Tokyo. I’m currently a Design Director at IDEO, helping bring change through creativity.

With over a decade of experience both in graphic design and interaction design, I focus on combining my crafts and leading teams to creatively convey complex problems and information in captivating ways.

Prior to IDEO, some of my experience includes having worked in digital advertising, branding and editorial design, creating immersive interactive experiences for numerous top international brands.

When I'm not working, I'm often cycling the streets of Tokyo or learning how to design type.

初めまして、アシュリー・ シュカウスキーと申します。

グラフィックデザインとインタラクションデザイン両方において10年以上の経験を持つ、IDEO Tokyoのデザイン・ディレクター。複雑な問題や情報を、クリエイティブかつ魅力的に伝えるために、自らの技術を組み合わせることに力を入れている。




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